Our Services

Health Intervention

Our practice staff can assist you with accessing a variety of preventative health measures including Health Assessments, Diabetes Cycles of Care and Asthma Action Plans.  A plan of care that includes the patient, nurse and GP is integral in our approach to patient care.


If you require repeat prescriptions, please contact reception staff to arrange an appointment with your GP.  We offer short script appointments or general consultations.


We offer a wide range of vaccination services including COVID 19, childhood, seasonal influenza, travel and tetanus.  An appointment can be made with one of our GP’s or Practices Nurses to discuss your immunisation requirements.


Appointments can be made for consultations with our GP’s and Practice Nurses via the phone or in person.  The practice is open 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.  Standard consult times are 15 minutes but if you require a long consultation for review of a complex health issue or counselling, please let reception staff know.  Fees are time based and we are a private billing practice.  If you need your doctor to make a home visit, please call the practice first thing in the morning.  Children 5 years and under are bulk billed.